Why some Bay Area businesses got P3 loans and others didn’t



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Why did some Bay Area businesses get P3 loans, but others not? : Chronicle analysis of data compiled by Reveal shows that businesses in high-income or predominantly white census tracts in the Bay Area were much more likely to have received a P3 loan than businesses in low-income areas. or having a higher share of black and Hispanic residents. Read the full story here.

COVID cases jump in Arkansas: Arkansas saw the largest single-day increase in reported coronavirus infections since March Tuesday, The Associated Press reported, with 485 new cases. Vaccines in the state are open to anyone 16 years of age or older. So far, about 41% of the state has received a dose of the vaccine and 33% are fully vaccinated.

The CDC chief said adult deaths were “entirely preventable” with vaccines: Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told a White House briefing that adult deaths from COVID-19 were “entirely preventable at this stage” thanks to the effectiveness of vaccines, Axios reported.

SF to extend moratorium on evictions as negotiations to protect state rents continue: San Franciscans struggling to pay their rent during the pandemic will get another six-month reprieve after the supervisory board voted on Tuesday to extend a moratorium on city evictions that reflects state protections . Read the full story here.

CDC Panel to Examine Cases of Heart Inflammation in Young People After COVID Vaccinations: Advisors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are due to meet on Wednesday to review possible changes to COVID-19 vaccinations of adolescents and young adults following reports of heart inflammation in a small number of vaccinated young people. Read the full story here.



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