Over 12,000 naira loan, Cash Mall sends defamatory message to customer’s contacts


Yakubu Davies (fictitious name), a resident of Lagos State, recounted how Cash Mall, a money lending firm, defamed him for a N12,000 loan.

Davies, a plumber, told FIJ that some difficulties had prevented him from repaying the loan on the due date.

“After borrowing 12,000 naira from the company on September 3, I decided to pay it back exactly one week after that,” Davies said.

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“However, when trying to reimburse them, I had problems with the reimbursement account number the company gave me.

A note from Cash Mall

“My banking app kept saying ‘account not found’.”

Davies said he immediately told one of the company’s agents about the challenge, but was told to “keep trying”.

“After several hours of trying, I fell asleep in a sitting position. I woke up the next day and tried to make the payment again. This time, I was already a day behind the deadline,” said he declared.

“Around 11 a.m. my niece suddenly called me to tell me that someone had texted her saying I was a criminal who got away with their company money.

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“After I told him to forward me, a client I used to do plumbing work for also forwarded me a similar message. It meant that Cash Mall had resorted to defamation despite several attempts to pay them back.

After the incident, Davies said he decided not to repay the loan anymore.

“The image I was trying to protect having been damaged, I decided not to make any more refunds. They sent defamatory messages to almost every contact I had on my phone,” he said.

“In October, some of their agents called to apologize for their actions. I then told them to tell all my contacts that I was not a criminal, and after that we could talk. But they still haven’t.

The plumber said he received a threatening message from Cash Mall on November 2, stating that he and his family members would be dealt with by the DSS if the loan repayment was not made on time.

“I’m waiting for their DSS to come and carry me,” Davies said with a laugh.

In August, the Federal Commission for Competition and Consumer Protection (FCCPC) ordered fintech solution providers and telecom companies that were not duly registered businesses in Nigeria and had violated the privacy rights of borrowers to shut down.

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Despite the fines, sanctions and eventual closure of some of these companies, many of them continued to invent new ways to harass their debtors. Some of them have also changed their name and logo.

FIJ made several phone calls to Cash Mall seeking comment, but received no response. A letter sent to the company had also not received a response at press time.


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