How to pay off a car loan faster


The benefits of paying off your auto loan faster include savings on interest and freeing up cash for other expenses.

If you are looking to fill your car loan at a faster rate, it is useful to know that there are several ways to achieve this goal.


Paying off your car loan sooner can help you save on interest

How to repay a car loan in advance?

The fastest way to pay off your auto loan early is to send in your entire remaining vehicle balance.

You will be subject to the 10-day refund amount rule if you refund your vehicle immediately.

The 10-day repayment amount rule refers to the remaining loan amount from your lender, the unpaid interest on the repayment, plus any interest that accrues over the next 10 days.

Other drivers can place a partial lump sum for the gain of their car.

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A large lump sum will not pay off your vehicle all at once, but it will reduce the length of time you will be in debt.

Your third option for paying off your auto financing early is to increase your monthly payment.

When should you pay off your car loan faster?

You should consider paying off your car loan sooner if you can afford it, have no other debt, or are saving for a major purchase.

Refinancing can lower your monthly interest rate, but extend your monthly payments if you can’t pay off your vehicle sooner.

What are the disadvantages of prepaying your car loan?

You may face prepayment penalties if you choose to complete your car financing before the contract end date.

Comparing the cost of a prepayment penalty against the savings from prepaying your loan will help you decide if the move is worth it.

If other debt is costing you more than financing your vehicle, paying off your vehicle loan sooner may not be the right decision.

Be ready to face a decline in credit score if you complete your car loan earlier than expected.

Paying off a debt will reduce your total credit mix and open accounts, which may cause a temporary lower score for about three months. Forbes reports.

You may face a prepayment penalty if you pay off your car loan early


You may face a prepayment penalty if you pay off your car loan earlyCredit: Getty

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