Chase Pays Cash, announces rapid purchase of distressed homes in Birmingham


Chase Pays Cash, one of Birmingham’s leading cash home buyers, has announced that the company is buying distressed homes. The company also buys houses on the market, but which have not sold.

Birmingham – Chase Pays Cash has announced that the company will now buy distressed homes in and around Birmingham. The leading home buying silver company specializes in buying homes, especially those that are not in pristine condition. The company often advertises cash payment for so-called “ugly houses” in the city. The company’s official announcement read: ‘We buy distressed homes in Birmingham and beyond with the aim of generally closing the sale within a week.’

Distressed homes are often the ones homeowners have the hardest time selling. However, depending on the condition of a distressed home, it may still be possible to sell it to cash home buyers in Birmingham. The good news is that most cash home buyers will make a pretty good offer, all things considered, on a distressed property. The key for a homeowner is to first describe the property in detail, which then merits a company representative to examine the home and make a formal offer.

Chase Pays Cash said the company aims to close the sales within a week of the owners accepting the offer. However, experts generally advise homeowners to seek offers from other companies, but be sure to familiarize yourself with each company’s policies.

Readers can learn more about Chase Pays Cash and how to sell their distressed home to the company by visiting

“If you are wondering how to sell my house in Birmingham quickly, either because it is about to be foreclosed or because you are bankrupt, either way we can make a fair offer for your house. “We don’t take offers on homes lightly, that’s why we consider every detail instead of underestimating the owners. On the contrary, you’ll find that our offers are more than fair.” Says a Chase Country representative Cash.

She added: “If you have a distressed home, contact your home details in Birmingham or even if it is in a nearby area, and we will be happy to make you an offer.”

Chase Pays Cash is one of the leading house buying companies in Birmingham and buys houses in nearby areas. The company has an established reputation for providing fair and fast cash deals for homes of all types and sizes.


For more information about Chase Pays Cash, contact the company here:

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Chase Pays Cash, LLC
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