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Buying a new vehicle is one of the biggest purchases many Americans make. And with current average car prices exceeding $40,000, it can be tempting to just look at the price to save money. But a cheap car is not necessarily a bargain. A cheap car can come with costs that accumulate over your years of ownership, such as higher fuel costs, expensive repairs, and expensive insurance.

While you shouldn’t buy the cheapest car to save money, it’s also not fiscally wise for most people to spend the extra money on a luxury vehicle with all the features. the most recents. Instead, research which vehicles available on the market offer the most value for what they offer. This will mean money saved down the road and a better overall ownership experience.

Best sedans

Although a classic sedan doesn’t have as much space as an SUV or midsize sedan can offer, it is a reliable and classic option for drivers of all ages. The top three category winners are ranked based on their prize and combined high ratings among experts. The Chevrolet Impala wins the gold medal for affordable sedans and large cars. It ranks first in JD Power’s 2022 Reliability Study and holds a near-perfect Kelley Blue Book (KBB) score. It is best known for its comfortable ride and large trunk. Close behind, the Avalon and Chrysler 300 both receive high marks from Consumer Reports and earn special recognition for their spacious interiors.

Courtesy of Chevrolet
Sedans at the best value for money Price
Chevy Impala $31,620
Toyota Avalon $36,375
Chrysler 300 $32,545
dodge charger $32,500
Buick Lacrosse $29,570

The best midsize cars

A slight improvement in size and space over a sedan – a mid-size car offers more trunk space and more legroom for passenger and driver. Premium mid-size vehicles strike a balance between space and ease of driving by offering a spacious interior and an overall size that remains manageable. Winner in this category, the Sonata ranks first with JD Power and is recognized for its exceptional fuel efficiency. For its midrange price, the Camry offers driver assistance and excellent technology options. And the cheapest on the list, the Legacy holds high safety ratings and great resale value.

Red Hyundai Sonata on a tiled floor
Courtesy of Hyundai
Mid-size cars at the best value for money Price
Hyundai Sonata $24,150
Toyota Camry $23,395
The Subaru Legacy $22,995
Honda Accord $26,120
Kia Optima $23,400

The best midsize SUVs

A mid-size SUV offers the best of both worlds when it comes to durability while not being too big to handle. Scoring these vehicles proved more difficult, although all received high marks according to Kelley Blue Book, the Santa Fe beat the rest for its gas mileage and advanced technology. The Outback followed closely with its available roof and cargo options and comfortable ride. Finally, the Murano ranked for its safety rating and powerful engine.

Gray Hyundai Santa Fe on a wooded mountain road
Courtesy of Hyundai
Mid-size SUVs at the best value Price
Hyundai Santa Fe $27,200
Subaru Outback $27,145
Nissan Murano $33,210
Chevy Blazer $33,400
Toyota 4Runner $37,605

Best minivans

The minivan is no longer just the perfect car for parents. Modern minivans have the latest technology packages and extra space. Choosing the best minivan for your money takes into account aspects such as space, reliability and safety. The Sienna dominates the road when it comes to premium minivans. JD Power ranks it among the best minivans and it has excellent fuel economy. The Carnival and Odyssey follow closely in scores for handling and practicality of their powertrain, respectively.

Toyota Sienna on a road surrounded by trees
Courtesy of Toyota
Minivans at the best value for money Price
Toyota Siena $34,710
Kia Carnival $33,595
Honda Odyssey $33,040
Chrysler Pacifica $38,690
Dodge Grand Caravan $29,025

Best hybrids and electric vehicles

The green vehicle landscape has grown significantly over the past few years in terms of accessibility and affordability. Discover the best options and consider a green car loan to finance with additional discounts. While hybrid vehicles can be more expensive, the cost per trip can save you money in the long run. Our first place winner, the Insight, offers an easy ride and high mileage per gallon. Next, the RAV4 holds a perfect Consumer Reports score with more room than other category winners. Finally, the cheapest option, the Kona, has a powerful turbo engine and a fun design.

Red Honda Insight parked on a city street
Courtesy of Toyota
Hybrids and electric vehicles at the best value for money Price
Honda Insight $25,760
Toyota RAV4 Premier $38,800
Hyundai Kona $21,300
Kia Niro $39,090
Nissan Leaf $27,400

Best Compacts

Compact cars are widely known for their easy travel and top notch parking privileges. But the best compact cars on the market also offer good fuel economy and extra legroom. The winners in this category won based on their reliability scores and ease of driving. JD Power rates the Corolla as the most reliable compact option – with KBB and Consumer Reports giving near perfect marks. Similar priced, the Elantra offers an additional turbocharged engine and a hands-on driving experience. The cheapest winner, the Impreza, gets an advanced infotainment system and quick steering.

Gray Toyota Corolla in motion
Courtesy of Toyota
Compact cars at the best value for money Price
Toyota Corolla $20,175
Hyundai Elantra $20,200
Subaru Impreza $18,795
Nissan Sentras $19,610
Chevrolet Cruze $18,870

Best SUVs and Suburbans

While larger SUVs come at a higher price, you get what you pay for. The winners of the best large vehicles can accommodate up to eight passengers and are built with the latest technology. So while this vehicle segment tends to be more expensive, you can still get good value for money with a more expensive option. Despite being the most expensive, the Expedition ranks high according to Kelley Blue Book and has a towing capacity of 6,000 pounds. Then, known for its spacious interior and extreme towing capacity, the Tahoe is an excellent choice for drivers looking to spend less money. Finally, the Yukon ranks high according to JD Power and allows for a variety of trim upgrades.

A black Ford Expedition on a rocky mountain road
Courtesy of Ford
Best Value SUVs and Suburbans Price
Ford Expedition $69,150
Chevy Tahoe $50,500
GMC Yukon $52,500
Chevrolet Suburban $53,200
Nissan Armada $49,150

Top Brands

According to information collected by JD Power in its 2022 U.S. Reliability Study, Genesis brand vehicles ranked first among premium vehicles, while Kia took first place among brands. General public. Although most drivers have an affinity with one brand over another regardless of reliability, this ranking is scored based on problems per 100 vehicles. Land Rover and Ram topped the list with more than 250 issues per vehicle – two of the least reliable brands on the market according to JD Power.

Top Brands Price scale
KIA $17,490 to $52,590
Buick $25,595 to $43,995
hyundai $20,200 to $48,740
Toyota $19,925 to $53,050


Vehicle rankings were based on a combination of industry report results and vehicle price. This gives an accurate idea of ​​the value each vehicle holds based on industry standards and price-to-purchase ratio.

Specifically, the cars are rated on a three-point scale from JD Power’s 2022 U.S. Vehicle Reliability Study. This study aimed to determine which vehicles over the past year had the longest lifespan for drivers. Although not every vehicle ranked in the top five was a winner in this report, it was used as an important determining factor.

With JD Power, Kelley Blue Book’s expert rating based on a five-point scale was added to the calculation. Finally, Consumer Reports’ five-point scale rating vehicle reliability was added. These combined factors were then scored along with each vehicle’s price, choosing the top five vehicles for each style.

The bottom line

The value of the vehicle is based on a series of factors. Are there constant trips to the mechanic or poor gas mileage? While questions like these are important in determining which vehicle is right for you (color, make and model included), the best way to choose your car is based on how much you spend and the cost per trip. Take advantage of the scores above when it comes time to buy your next vehicle.


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