Advance voting starts Monday, here’s what voters need to know


With the launch of advance voting in Forsyth County, local voters may not be aware of recent election changes in Forsyth County.

Advance voting for the general, nonpartisan primaries on May 24 will begin Monday, May 2 and continue for three weeks until Friday, May 20. Since the last countywide election, several changes have been made to the electoral process, including new district boundaries, new precincts, and new polling locations.

More detailed information about these changes, sample ballots and more can be found on the Forsyth County Department of Voter Registration and Elections website at /Voter-Registrations-Elections, and voters can find their districts. , polling places and other voting information at

Voters voting in person must bring valid government ID, and residents wishing to vote by mail can print and complete an online application from the county’s website and can submit applications by:

· – Email a scanned copy of the signed application to [email protected];

· – Email a photo of the signed application to [email protected];

· – Fax the signed application to (770) 886-2825;

Submit the signed application by mail OR personal delivery to: Elector of Forsyth County; Registration and Elections, 1201 Sawnee Drive, Cumming, GA 30040.

Here’s a rundown of what voters should know ahead of the primary.

Who is on the ballot?

The May ballot will include options for Republicans and Democrats to choose their candidates for the November races and will have the option to vote for nonpartisan races for judicial seats, including the race for state court judges. of Forsyth County between challengers James Dunn and Rupal Vaishnav.

In Forsyth, Republicans will have primary races at the federal, state and local levels and will have a total of 11 questions from the local and state Republican parties.

Georgia Republican Party Questions

–The Biden administration has stopped building the border wall, and illegal border crossings have increased dramatically. Should securing our border be a national priority?

–Education is the largest line item in the state budget. Should education dollars follow the student to the school that best suits their needs, whether public, private, magnetic, charter, virtual, or home-based?

–Florida passed a law to prevent social media platforms from influencing political campaigns by censoring candidates. Should Georgia enact such a law to protect freedom of expression in political campaigning?

–Two of the three current federal work visa programs are lottery-based. Should federal work visas be issued based on job skills instead?

–Biological males who identify as female have begun to participate in women’s sports. Should Georgia schools allow biological men to compete in women’s sports?

–To prevent ballot tampering, state law prohibits political agents from handling mail-in ballots once they have been marked by the voter. To protect the integrity of our elections, should enforcing laws against ballot tampering be a priority?

·-Absentee drop boxes are vulnerable to trafficking in illegal ballots. Should absentee ballot boxes be abolished?

·-Crime has increased dramatically across the country, including in our capital, Atlanta. Should citizens in residential areas like the Buckhead community of Atlanta be allowed to vote to create their own city governments and police departments?

Forsyth County Republican Party Questions

The Forsyth County School Board has not elected to exercise the option to make a 2021 mileage reduction while renewing ESPLOST, do you believe they are acting in a fiscally responsible manner?

Before the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners approves more high-density housing in the county, must they first ensure that the necessary infrastructure exists (e.g. roads, sewers, etc.) to support growth?

As the Forsyth County Electoral Board proposes Sunday voting for this election known as the General Primary (May 2022), do you think Forsyth County should continue with at least Sunday voting if possible at each future election in the county?

For local Democrats, the only uncontested statewide primary will be for Georgia’s 6th congressional district between Bob Christian and Wayne White, though local and state parties have their own questions.

Georgia Democratic Party Questions

–Should the United States remove barriers to economic progress by canceling all student loan debt?

– -Should all Georgians have access to paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child?

— Should every 3- and 4-year-old in Georgia have the opportunity to attend a quality preschool for free?

–Should Georgian voters have the right to collect signed petitions to ask questions directly on the ballot, whether to change the law or question the public?

–Should families earning less than $150,000 a year get an expanded tax credit to help cover the cost of raising children?

— Should the state of Georgia expand access to health care for more than half a million Georgians by using federal funds to expand Medicaid?

— Should the state of Georgia expand voter access by increasing opportunities for early voting, allowing same-day voter registration, removing barriers to mail-in voting, and installing secure ballot boxes, accessible at all times, until polling day?

— Should marijuana be legalized, taxed and regulated in the same way as alcohol for adults 21 or older, with the benefits going to education, infrastructure and health care programs?

·- Should the State of Georgia encourage the development of clean, renewable energy sources to support America’s energy independence?

Forsyth County Democratic Party Questions

· -Do you support the legalization of marijuana for 21+, with sales taxes dedicated to supporting local infrastructure and local education?

– Do you think our public schools should support and include diversity, equity and inclusion programs for teachers and students?

— Do you believe Forsyth County schools should take mandatory trips to historic sites that focus on Georgia’s role in the civil rights movement?

· Do you support comprehensive immigration reform to provide a fair path to citizenship for people with long-established roots in the United States?

– Should the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners focus on the current lack of affordable housing in the area for the elderly, retail workers, service sector workers, caretakers, security forces law enforcement, firefighters and teachers?

— Do you support requiring background checks for all firearm purchases, including those made privately by anyone other than a licensed firearms dealer? federal license?

Non-partisan polls with only court races will also be available.


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